Hawthorn Arts is proud to offer a home to 'Albert's Gallery' which is part of 'Inspiring Change Creative CIC', a brand new social enterprise dedicated to using creative activity as a vehicle to support, educate, develop and promote change within vulnerable people and their communities.


You'll find a range of original artwork and photographs for sale, all created by local artists.


Alternatively, consider commissioning your very own unique work of art or photography. It's the perfect gift for someone special - just pop into the shop to discuss your requirements at a price you can afford!

Graham Hodgson

Graham is our resident artist in the gallery. His distinctive style has made him a popular artist both locally and nationally. His work is becoming much sort after by collectors of quality artwork and those stimply looking to enhance their home with something special.


His attention to detail, combined with his use of light and shade, ensures that each piece will draw you in to explore the deeper recesses of his imagination. His artwork is exquisitely thought-provoking, drawing upon people, memories and situations around him. You may well find that many pieces resonate with your own memories and experiences.


These are some images from Graham's earlier work. As you can see, those years based in archaeology weren't wasted. He still loves the whole process of researching a subject then depicting it in painstaking detail.